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About the Charity and Not-For-Profit Group

Charities and not-for-profits have a long track record of delivering the most innovative and effective PR and social media campaigns. The Charity and Not-For-Profit Group supports PRCA members working in-house and in agencies for a wide range of charities, voluntary sector organisations, NGOs, not-for-profit groups and social enterprises.

We aim to:

-Represent the interests of PRCA members working in the sector
-Provide a forum for discussion, debate and sharing of good practice
-Promote the development of skills and standards in the industry
-Organise a range of interesting events and meetings for members

We hold events at least quarterly and speakers include many of the most influential and forward-thinking people in the industry. A steering committee ensures events and activity are driven by what members say is important to them. You can sign up to our monthly e-newsletter and for events updates or join our LinkedIn Group.

Recent Feedback from the Summer Social Event 

Here at the PRCA's Charities and Not for Profit Group, we're keen to ensure the group is serving its members.
With that in mind we asked those who attended our Summer Social to suggest topics for future events. As we've come to expect, people came up with some fantastic suggestions that we'll do our best to accommodate.
One suggestion we've had is for us to do more joint working, with others in the charity sector, with other PRCA groups and with outside organisations. Our next event, on 15 September  is therefore a joint event with DMA and will look at how the sometimes divided worlds of one-to-one marketing and PR can work together better.
Other ideas we'll be aiming to incorporate into events in the future include:
• Action outside of the establishment vs within it • Charities collaborating with agencies. Pros and cons and case studies • Using celebrities • Campaigns which partner with or are funded by big brands.
• Engaging with audiences with large-scale social media campaigns.
• How charities can make the most of the devolution agenda.
People were also keen for us to keep talking about the Lobbying Act, and we hope to be able to provide some updates in that area soon.
We hope you also like our new monthly newsletter. If you know someone who you think may be interested in learning more about the group, please encourage them to sign up to our monthly e-newsletter.

If you would like to become part of the group, or join the steering committee, please email our Groups Manager Souha Khairallah.

Upcoming Events



The official Review into the Act clearly recognises the concerns the PRCA Charity and Not-for-Profit Group and its members had with the Act and the way it was introduced. Click the title to read more.

You can't take the politics out of charity comms

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