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Members Standing in the General Election 2017

Members have asked how best to declare that they are standing in the General Election 2017 in relation to the PRCA Code of Conduct and the PRCA Public Affairs and Lobbying Register. As always, the PRCA Code of Conduct requires transparency and disclosure in professional conduct. Whilst many candidates will be taking a complete leave of absence from work, the publicly available list below is in the spirit of the PRCA Code of Conduct and simply indicates any parliamentary candidates from our membership.

James Bird MPRCA

  • Organisation: Remarkable Group
  • Constituency: Walsall South
  • Party: Conservatives
  • Notice: here

Peter Cuthbertson MPRCA

  • Organisation: Oakhill Communications
  • Constituency: Darlington
  • Party: Conservatives
  • Notice: here

Emily Fermor MPRCA

  • Organisation: Bell Pottinger
  • Constituency: Maidstone and the Weald
  • Party: Liberal Democrats
  • Notice: here

Tashi Warr MPRCA

  • Organisation: Newgate Communications
  • Constituency: Dorset South
  • Party: Labour
  • Notice: here