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We are the Public Relations and Communications Association

For more information about the name change, contact:

Matt Cartmell


T: 020 7233 6026 

The PRCA is delighted to announce that it has changed its name to the Public Relations and Communications Association, following a four-month industry-wide consultation. 

The PRCA formerly held the name Public Relations Consultants Association since its creation in 1969.

This name was clearly appropriate at the time of its foundation, when the PRCA represented only PR consultants. It could be argued however that this name is less appropriate now, as the PRCA’s membership is considerably broader, and as the industry has changed in nature.

Following a decision by the PRCA Board of Management, the PRCA held a consultation between 31st May and 29th June, in which members and non-members alike were invited to provide their views on a change of name. The consultation document included some options suggested by members of the PRCA PR Council; and individuals were invited to submit other possible names for consideration. The PRCA presented the aggregated results to the PR Council on 22nd June, which was then invited to provide final feedback.

The overwhelming response to the Consultation has been that members and non-members alike would like to see a change of name. Very few of those who responded to the consultation would like us to stay with the current name. 

The Public Relations and Communications Association was the clear choice of the industry. Once the responses had been collated, the findings were presented to the PRCA Board of Management on the 26th July. The Board agreed with the recommendation, noting that the name more accurately summarises what the association stands for.

To mark this move, the PRCA can also announce that it has a new logo and strapline, ‘The Power of Communication’, which reflects the huge value that organisations of all kinds now place on communications.