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South West

"It's an exciting time for PRCA South West and Wales. There is a diverse and dynamic range of both experienced and up-and-coming agencies. As one of the newest members of the PRCA, I feel privileged to be working with so many creative and intelligent individuals, and with them building a strong, supportive forum for PRs and marketers. I'm looking forward to hearing ideas from every type of agency, freelancer and in-house team, and working them into an events and training calendar which endorses every rising star, challenges even the most experienced director, and galvanises the already vibrant PR community that exists in the region.
Pippa Carson, South West Coordinator

We aim to collaborate as PRCA members in the South West & Wales Region in order that each member improves their business operations by tapping more effectively into the PRCA brand and services.

We aim to organise a series of events regionally each year based on keynote speakers, each aimed at building membership numbers amongst prospective consultancies and in-house teams, fostering fellowship and exchanging valuable best practice and intellectual property.

If you would like to join the group please email Pippa Carson our South West Coordinator
Regional Coordinator: