Don’t let the ‘tale’ wag the dog by Magnus Boyd

View my profile : Magnus Boyd

Magnus Boyd, PRCA trainer and partner at the pre-eminent media law firm Hill Dickinson.


2014: Operation Promotion! by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, lays out your plan to get a promotion this year!

2014: The Year You Nailed Timesheets by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, discusses how to get your head around timesheets.

Agency beauty parades: the hidden costs and who pays by Andy Turner

What's the financial cost of a typical new business pitch? Do clients realise what they're doing when they ask for multiple agencies to pitch? This article offers some answers.

Arriving at a happy client/agency marriage by Focus PR

View our profile : Focus PR

Understanding the intentions in a relationship is a must for both parties. This article looks at how to ensure the smoothest collaboration to achieve the best results.

Can B2B businesses capitalise on social media? by 4CM

View our profile : 4CM

The first of a series of White Papers on topical issues from 4CM - This article is a detailed overview of the key considerations for B2B practitioners, and how social media marketing can bring in significant rewards.

Celebrity Chefs: The New Demagogues? by Keith Taylor

View our profile : Porter Novelli

Keith Taylor, managing director of Porter Novelli examines the rise of the celebrity chef and the implications for food and retail brands.


Community Engagement by Victoria Webster

View our profile : Grayling

Victoria Webster, senior consultant from Grayling talks about the importance of community engagement.


Corporate Responsibility in a Downturn by Neil Bayley

View our profile : Porter Novelli

Neil Bayley, director at Porter Novelli, looks at how CSR can help with long term brand building efforts, particularly in regards consumer trust.

CSR – Conviction or Compliance? by Adrian Wheeler

Adrian Wheeler, PRCA Fellow, balances the relationship between CSR and investor interests -mapping the case for corporate social investment and whether it really does matter.

CSR Reporting by Madano Partnership

View our profile: Madano Partnership

Why is the need to report CSR becoming increasingly important? Here is Madano's top tips for maximising the way you report on your own achievements.


CSR - Thank goodness for the Credit Crunch by Aby Farsoun

View our profile : Grayling

Aby Farsoun, consultant at Grayling, looks on the bright side as the fakers are unmasked. Companies have been trumpeting their green credential as a differentiator for more than a decade now, but the credit crunch will highlight who pays no more than lip service to the environment and who integrates sustainability into their businesses to improve performance.

Current PR jobs market by Ben Smith

View our profile: PR Moment

Customer Relationship Management: A Rant by Adrian Wheeler

Adrian Wheeler, PRCA Fellow, looks at the ease (or rather lack of) by which customers can provide feedback -and the importance to companies of detailed feedback.


Delivering Client-Centric Services in 2014 - Amplify Your Existing Talent and Grow Your Business by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, explores the options available when looking to expand your services offering.


Demonstrating Credentials for Promotion: 2 - Managing the Team by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, looks at how to demonstrate how you manage others within your team and incentivise them to drive accounts forward themselves.

Demonstrating Credentials for Promotion: 3 - Identifying Client Issues in Advance by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, discusses how to pre-empt client problems and solve them before they escalate.

Digital Living - what cultural differences can teach the communications industry by David Vindel

View our profile : Ketchum

David Vindel, MD of European Technology at Ketchum, talks about how cultural differences affect the consumer technology industry.


Eco-Nutrition by Jennifer John

View our profile : Ceres

Jennifer John, managing director of Ceres, looks at the principles of Eco-Nutrition, the latest emerging food trend and what it means for marketers.

Evaluating PR Campaigns by Mike Maynard

View our profile: Napier Partnership Limited

Mike Maynard, managing director of Napier Partnership Limited, shares his thoughts on how to evaluate a PR campaign.

Financial savvy shouldn't just sit with your Finance Team by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, talks about how to manage the increasing budgetary responsibility that comes with promotion.


Get Real by Matt Neale

View our profile : GolinHarris

Matt Neale, co-managing director of Golin Harris Europe, unpacks the practical actions around the application of authenticity.

Global Broadcast Landscape by markettiers4dc

View our profile : markettiers4dc

As part of their growing international consultancy markettiers4dc have produced an in-depth analysis of the current global broadcast landscape - the first of its kind for the PR industry.

The report can be viewed here


How to recruit top talent in PR by Ben Smith, PR Moment

View our profile : PR Moment

Ben Smith, MD of PR Moment, discusses the difficulties of recruitment in the PR industry and provides an informative toolbox on the key elements of recruitment.

How to Target Technology Decision Makers by CCgroup

View our profile : CCgroup

CCgroup asked 150 decision makers in the UK who had made a technology investment in the last year how they went about it. Read more to discover the key findings.


INLINE Communications Report by Weber Shandwick

View our profile : Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick's INLINE Communications report 2009 announces the findings of its exclusive pan-European study into the media habits of European consumers. Providing an insight into the communication channels that influence consumer opinion and purchase habits, the survey examined the media habits of 4,692 consumers across six major European inline communications INLINE Communications markets (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom).

It's all about the content by Hannah King

View our profile : Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Hannah King, New Business Manager at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, explores the important role of digital to the modern PR agency, looking at specific challenges and opportunities.

Leading property experts predict West End rent spike in 18 months by Iain Rackley 

Iain Rackley, Partner of Corporate Real Estate at NAI Haywards, writes on a spike in rents in the West End and how much rents will typically increase by.

Leadership: The Best Way to Win the Coming Talent Wars by Sarah

View our profile : Ketchum

Sarah Barrett, director of HR and development at Ketchum, discusses the matters of leadership and talent, the affect they have on organisations and its relation to the economy.

Litigation PR - A Best Practice Guide by Clare Rodway

View our profile : Kysen PR Ltd

A best practice guide to litigation PR from Clare Rodway, managing director of Kysen PR.

Managing Reputation for a Digital Generation by Claire Walker

View our profile : Firefly Communications

Claire Walker of Firefly explores online reputation management and issues of control in a digital world, particularly what it means to PR practitioners.

Motorsport PR – How to maximise return by Christopher Foster

View our profile : Market Engineering

Mapping the changing face of PR and marketing in Motorsport - Building brands and the challenges for the sport and sponsors.


NetApp: Using a multinational award to muscle in on the UK news agenda by Champion Communications

View our profile : Champion Communications

Champion Communications received a call from their client, NetApp, requesting major PR exposure for some exciting news. They immediately set out a strategic approach that achieved significant national media exposure.


One mouth. Two ears. Talk less. Listen more. by Madano Partnership

View our profile : Madano Partnership

Read why Madano believe PRs should become better listeners.


PR – Integral to Everything from Crisis Management to Product Launches by Guy Woodcock

View our profile : Montpellier Public Relations Ltd

Guy Woodcock, CEO of Montpellier Marketing Communications Group examines the growing importance of PR as a key business tool. by Abigail Harrison

View our profile : thebluedoor Ltd

Abigail Harrison, managing director of thebluedoor, uncovers why PR is perfectly poised to manage online brand reputation and why digital needs to be truly integrated into campaigns to be most effective.

Pushing for Promotion by Chris Duddrigde

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, talks about how to make a difference and push for the promotion you deserve.

Road(s) To Recovery by David Gallagher

View our profile : Ketchum

David Gallagher, senior partner at Ketchum and PRCA Chairman, on how he sees the UK PR sector recovering, and how will the PRCA help …


Social Media is just PR by John Starr

View our profile: Clareville Communications

John Starr, Joint Managing Director of Clareville Communications, shares his views on social media and how to establish the most effective social media and digital communications strategy.

Talent Management by Paul Kiernan and Jane Bearley

View our profile : Expert Health Communications

Paul Kiernan of Expert Health Communications and Jane Brearley of Waggener Edstrom join forces to look at the challenge of recognising, managing and retaining

The Future of PR lies in Collaboration by Joyce Lorigan

View our profile : Golley Slater Public Relations

Joyce Lorigan, CEO of Golley Slater and Margaret Street PR, explains why the future of PR lies in collaboration.

The Future of the PR industry by Jane Howard

View our profile : MHP Communications

Jane Howard, chairman of MHP, examines the future of the PR industry by looking to the past.

The Golden Ticket to New Business Success - Ensuring the Right People, in the Right Place by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, discusses how to make sure you have the right people from your agency working with the right clients.

The Key to Using Data Insights to Drive Accurate Forecasting by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, tackles the issues that agencies face whilst forecasting and discusses ways of approaching forecasting.

The PRCA DARE Awards - A success story by the PRCA

Three months, five cities, tens of awards. A review of a nationwide celebration tour of the PR Industry. 

The Swing from Advertising to PR in Consumer Marketing by Rachel Bell

View our profile : Shine Communications Ltd

Rachel Bell, Founder of Shine Communications delves into a discussion on the shift from traditional advertising models towards a modern PR approach used in consumer marketing.

Timesheets Needn't Be Your Enemy! by Chris Duddridge

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, discusses how timesheets can improve efficiency and provide key insight into how you handle your workload.


Tomorrow's PR: Businessman, Technician & Marketer by Caroline Kinsey

View our profile : Cirkle

Caroline Kinsey, MD of Cirkle, delves into the future of the PR professional.



What is PR by PRCA

View our profile : PRCA

Public relations is all about reputation. It's the result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you

Top PR Trends to watch in 2010 by Danny Whatmough

View our profile : EML Wildfire

Danny Whatmough, senior PR consultant at Wildfire PR, looks at the Top PR Trends to watch in 2010 and urges PR practitioners to embrace


Using Insight to Drive Revenue in Increasingly Competitive Times by Deltek

View our profile : Deltek

Chris Duddridge, Senior Business Director at Deltek, discusses why it is crucial for senior managers to use the most up-to-date, precise and detailed insight possible on all business projects.

What's the point of Stunts? by Jim Hawker

View our profile : Threepipe Communications

Jim Hawker, co-founder of Threepipe, takes a long hard look at what many consider a hallmark of Consumer PR - the stunt.

When Economics and Politics Collide by Rod Cartwright

View our profile : Ketchum

Rod Cartwright, managing director of corporate & public affairs at Ketchum delves into the possibility of a political change and the impacts it will have on the public affairs community.

When the going gets tough... by Jean Wyllie

View our profile : Porter Novelli

Jean Wyllie, managing director at Porter Novelli London looks at how sustaining communication is critical when times are tough and how PR is an effective tool in explaining complex messages to closely targeted audiences.

Who Can You Trust? by Lee Laurence

View our profile : Porter Novelli

This article picks up on the crisis of confidence in big business and politics and the opportunity for brands to build loyalty through honest, consistent communications. Lee Laurence, director of media at Porter Novelli asks 'who can you trust?'

Who do you trust? Lansons Communications’ annual Communications Revolution study reveals all by Louise Marriott

View our profile : Lansons Communications

The ‘banking crisis’. Since Lehman’s collapsed in September 2008 there has rarely been a day go by when that phrase hasn’t received some sort of mention in the media and helped spark a flood of negative publicity and outrage towards UK banks. Account director Louise Marriott discusses some of the main findings from Lansons’ annual survey into consumer attitudes towards the financial services sector and debates what the industry needs to do next.

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