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Public Affairs Board Executive Committee

The Public Affairs Board is governed by the Public Affairs Executive Committee which was originally formed by combining the APPC Management Committee and the PRCA Public Affairs and Lobbying Group Committee and is now elected. The Executive Committee directs the Public Affairs Board’s programme of activities and its Chair or Co-chairs sit on the PRCA Board of Management. The full 2019/20 Executive Committee can be found below.

George McGregor CMPRCA, Interel (Co-chair)

Emma Petela CMPRCA, GK Strategy (Co-chair)

Liam Herbert MPRCA, Individual Member (Vice-chair)

Cathy Owens MPRCA, Deryn (Wales and Vice-chair)

John Morrison MPRCA, Morrison Media (Scotland)

Gráinne Walsh MPRCA, Stratagem NI (Northern Ireland)

Tiffany Burrows MPRCA, Newington (NextGen Public Affairs)

Paul Bristow FPRCA, PB Consulting (Past Chair)

Lionel Zetter FPRCA, Zetter’s Political Services (Past Chair)

Laura Blake MPRCA, Connect

Flora Coleman MPRCA, Transferwise

Gavin Devine MPRCA, Park Street Partners

Elin de Zoete MPRCA, PLMR

Scott Dodsworth MPRCA, H+K Strategies

Tom Frackowiak MPRCA, Cicero Group

Mark Glover FPRCA, Newington Communications

Chris Martin MPRCA, Ketchum  

Gill Morris FPRCA, DevoConnect

Michael Stott MPRCA, Lansons