Student Membership

We have 2 membership options open to anyone enrolled in full or part time education at a University.

(You do not need to be studying PR to be eligible to join)

Grades and costs

  • PRCA Partner University Student membership: Free
  • Student membership: £12.50+ VAT per year

Who is eligible for which grade?

PRCA Partner University membership is available to anyone that is studying at a PRCA Partner University. Membership is free for the duration of your course. You must register with your university email address and year of expected graduationto qualify for free membership.

Student membership is available to students at all other universities, for the duration of their undergraduate or post graduate course. Membership is renewed on a yearly basis, until completion of your degree.

Benefits of Membership

Use of the designatory letters SPRCA after your name to enhance your credibility and show dedication to the profession. Use this on blogs, Cv’s, business cards etc.

You will gain access to the PRCA Student Network via log-in to the member-only area. This network gives you access to:

  • Work placements
  • Internships
  • Graduate schemes
  • CV and Interview techniques
  • Case studies, videos, best practice pieces etc

You’ll get discounted rates at PRCA student events such as Careers Day.

Providing you with the opportunity to grow your network through events held in your region.

Partner University students also have the added benefit of free unlimited access to our online training and online certificate qualification.

Partner University

If you have any further questions about membership please contact either 
Henry Redshaw via email or on 020 7233 6026

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Fee Income
Drag here
  • This field should only be completed by the individual with responsibility for your company's PRCA membership.
  • NB - Once you check the box to the left of this field and click update this figure is fixed for the entire year.
  • Fee income is defined as fees or income arising from time spent on carrying out public relations consultancy work plus any mark up and any handling charges or profits made on disbursement or expenses.
  • This figure
    1. will be used to calculate your membership subscription fee for 2009
    2. will be published on the PRCA website and in the yearbook.
  • This figure must include the fees from any subsidiary companies but not associated companies (see below).
  • If you are bound by Sarbanes-Oxley please select that accordingly, we will contact you individually about your fee income.
Holders of public office
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  • Please list any employees who hold any public office including members of House of Parliament, members of local authorities or of any statutory organisations or bodies who are full- or part part-time directors, partners, staff, special advisers or consultants retained by the consultancy
Subsidiary companies
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  • These companies are entitled to the same benefits as other PRCA members, they must abide by the PRCA Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct and their fee income must be included in the fee income field above.
Associated companies
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  • These companies are not included in your membership and as such do not benefit from PRCA member benefits. These companies are not covered by the PRCA professional charter.
Current clients
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The clients listed in this section are those which retain a consultancy on a continuing basis to deal with their public relations either in a specialised area or as a whole. One asterisk (*) against a client's name indicates that the consultancy has been retained by that client for three years; two asterisks (**) indicate that it has been retained for at least five years. Clients served on an ad-hoc basis are listed separately.

Adhoc clients
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Clients for whom you have undertaken work in the last twelve months on a project rather than a retained basis

Conflict of interest clients
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NB This will not appear as a separate list in the yearbook.