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Boost Your Career by Building Your Personal Brand




Reputation management is not just for firms and corporates.  Everyone has an individual reputation: you can actively build and develop yours as you progress in your career.  This session will help you identify your professional and personal strengths, work on ways to develop to your full potential, and help you to position yourself for the long-term.  

How attendees will benefit?

This session provides practical help and advice on developing your personal reputation into a professional brand.  It enables attendees to identify professional and personal strengths, work on ways to develop to their full potential, and help position themselves for the long-term as they build their career.

Who should attend?

This bespoke session can be adapted for three different career stages: professionals who are developing from practitioners into advisers and managers; mature operators who are planning to branch out into an independent career or reinvent themselves professionally in some way; and those at an early stage of their career to set the goals and plans for future development.

What they will learn?

  • How to identify your strengths and develop them to achieve your full potential
  • How to position yourself within your market
  • How to build and maintain your professional network 
  • How to develop your own 'brand' to support your long-term career plan

What materials they will receive? 

Tips and suggestions for analysing yourself, positioning yourself and building a network.

 About the Trainer

Anne Groves is a communications and career development consultant