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PRCA Diploma (DipPRCA)

Level: Senior Practitioner

Aimed at senior practitioners moving from strategic roles to leadership positions and who are now looking to take on responsibilities for growing income streams, developing structure, and inspiring their staff and colleagues.


Learning Objectives
Learners will be able to demonstrate strategic thinking and planning. This will be presented in a portfolio of evidence.


Training will comprise of a set of core units and a set of optional units. Selected units must total 280 points, with full day classroom courses worth 40 points, half days 20 points, and webinars 10 points.

Core units (210 Points):

  • Ethics in PR and Communications
  • Part 1 - Looking Inside Your Firm: How to Manage for Optimum Profitability
  • Part 2 - Looking Outside to the Market: How to Grow Whilst Maintaining Margin
  • Effective Leadership – Skills and behaviours needed to deliver efficiency and results
  • You and Your Clients: A Coaching Session
  • Business Development and Planning Techniques

 Optional units – 70 points from a curated collection


To complete the learning objectives, learners will produce a business report/proposal highlighting learning from core units. The aim is to not only develop as an effective leader, but come away with a plan/proposal that can be implemented. This portfolio will contain:

  • Personal review
  • Organisational SWOT
  • 500-750 word proposal identifying the biggest threat (from SWOT analysis) facing their business/a client, and how PR/comms function can help to minimise the damage.
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