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PRCA Diploma: Public Affairs Management - 15% OFF UNTIL AUGUST 31ST!

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Start date: Friday, 18th September 2020

 Length: 5 months

Member Price: £2400 + VAT - 15%  = £2040 + vat

Non-member Price: £2800 + VAT - 15% = £2380 + vat


The PRCA Diploma in Public Affairs Management is for people working in public affairs in a junior role and people in other PR related disciplines who are looking to know more about public affairs or move career into public affairs. It is suitable for people working in-house or in an agency.

The qualification provides a broad overview of public affairs work and covers parliamentary processes such as legislative procedures and government policy-making. It includes a thorough exploration of public affairs planning, stakeholder identification, issues mapping, message development, parliamentary engagement and relationship management all set within a broader context of lobbying codes, ethical practice and personal responsibilities.

This course includes a one-day optional face to face workshop in central London on commercial skills such as writing proposals, agreeing budgets, time management and prioritisation, and communicating with confidence.

Qualification objectives. Successful candidates will be able to:

1. Understand key concepts in public affairs management:

• Lobbying, government relations, issues management, reputation management

• Differences/similarities between public affairs work at an agency and in-house

• Political PR

• Lobbying codes, ethical practice and personal responsibilities

• Parliamentary processes

• Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Metro Mayors and Local Government processes.


2. Apply communication and engagement models in a public affairs context:

• Set objectives, identify issues and stakeholders;

• Devise strategies, messages and tactics;

• Engage with identified stakeholders;

• Write proposals, agree budgets, manage over servicing, time management and prioritisation;

• Communicate with confidence;

• Measure outputs and outcomes. 

 The on-line training will be delivered by the PR Academy and the course leader will be Dr Stuart Thompson. 

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