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Wisdom of the future: 2017 Fellows Activities

The errors of the past, it has been said, are the wisdom of the future.

This got me to thinking about the PRCA Fellows, a group of seasoned professionals selected in recognition for years of service and contributions to the industry, and one that I have been honoured to chair over the past year.

They are – if I may say so – some of the most influential and informative actors on the PR stage; they’ve built, bought, sold and transformed agencies and corporate communications departments of all sizes, and all have a tale or two to tell. And while their careers are marked by repeated triumphs and success, they’re no less willing to share their mistakes and shortcomings of the past in the interest of informing the future.

The PRCA team have been tasked to draft a 2017 calendar of activities and materials to capture, curate and share the epic fails and jaw-dropping victories of years, even decades of experience, as offered by the Fellows. We would welcome your comments and suggestions for other ideas:

·         A series of candid interviews, published online and in print

·         Snack-size video commentary on a range of topics

·         Quarterly panel discussions in partnership with UK universities

·         Continuation of the popular mentorship scheme with Fellows and agency directors

·         A Fellows’ speakers bureau

Feel free to drop me a line with any other suggestions: