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2019 PRedictions: The year PR proves its worth

This blog is part of our PRedictions series, a collection of posts from PR and communications leaders offering insights, advice, and opinions on how our industry can grow in 2019. To view our full list of 2019 PRedictions, click here. Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communication, Greater Manchester Police, predicts: 

If there is one thing we can be sure of in 2019 it is that events will give PR and communication professionals an opportunity to prove their worth. Wherever there is a crisis or a potential crisis we can find communicators involved and helping to manage the situation.

We are moving into unchartered territory and the level of uncertainty within society is higher than at any point in recent years. Change is around the corner and we can see with this the chance for us to demonstrate how we can support a smooth transition. The industry is at a turning point where it can put to bed all the negative headlines from recent years if we are ready to step forward.

PR and communication done well can bring people together in a positive way. It can find the common ground that exists and build upon it. It can ease concerns about change and encourage people to be confident in what the future may hold. This is the chance we have next year no matter where we are or who we are working for.

Alongside this, if we take the opportunities then this could make the industry stronger as we will start to open it up for a broader range of people. A priority in 2019 must be to encourage young people to consider PR and communication as a career and to increase the diversity of those who take up this path. It is diversity across all aspects and the first step is to demonstrate how it is beneficial to society.

Finally, I feel 2019 could be the year that we regain the confidence in what we do and that we will finally speak loudly and proudly about our work. We can do this by having the evidence of what we achieve and how it can be a force for social good in the world.