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Creating the best workplaces – How to Guide

Our mission at The Employee Engagement Awards is to inspire and drive the world of work forward to benefit businesses and the people within them.

Over the years we have spoken with, and seen for ourselves, many amazing global examples of how you can transform your business by stepping out of your comfort zone and putting the employee experience at the heart of the business.

Last week we published our first eBook – Creating best workplaces: Insights from global Employee Engagement influencers.  – It is free to download.

The book is a collection of interviews conducted over the past two years with award winners, judges, EE experts, best-selling authors, and more. 

We are now publishing hundreds of case studies, stories, video interviews, webinars, and podcasts with award winners, finalists, judges, authors, and leading minds in the world of work.

I wanted to summarise some key tips & pitfalls that were identified by those featured within the book for you:

Top Tips 

·         Connecting the employee experience to the customer experience is vital

  • Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers
  • It provides proof that you can positively impact your business

·         Culture & Purpose

  • These are business critical
  • Define and hire in line with your culture & values and you’ll deliver purpose

·         Leadership development

  • There is a big need to be doing a much better job of developing talent to lead

·         Effective line management is key

  • This is the friction point where engagement can break down between leadership and the workforce

·      High-performance focus

  • You want high-performing people over highly engaged
  • Your employees want to be the best they can be too

·         Hire the right people

  • Hire in line with your values & purpose

·         Empower your employees

  • Allow your employees to resolve & improve internal and external issues
  • Your people know your business better than anyone else
  • This also makes everyone accountable

Make it fun

Pitfalls to avoid:

·         The absence of strategy

  • Without it, engagement can be seen as a series of ad hoc events

·         You can’t buy engagement

  •  Budget and tech can no doubt speed up the process, but it isn’t a silver bullet

·         Engagement is every leaders responsibility

  • Not just HR or Internal Communications

·         Lack of transparency

  • Be honest, even when it’s uncomfortable

·         Getting hung up on just conducting engagement surveys

  • It’s the actions you take when you listen that matter most

·         The failure to make your employees believe in what you’re trying to achieve

  • It can’t just be rhetoric
  • Have you involved them or just talked at them?
  • Is it what they want? 

If you want to be profiled in the same way, the best route is to enter your work or that of your client into one of our awards programmes around the world.  The UK & Europe deadline is this October 05, 2018.

Our sister company, The Employee Engagement Alliance run learning events, webinars, networking opportunities and much more for a global network of members throughout the year. The MD of The EEA, Ruth Dance is chairman of the PRCA - Employee Engagement and Internal Communications group. If you'd like to join this PRCA group please contact Isobel Arrowsmith. For further information about The EEA, contact Ruth Dance.


Note: The Employee Engagement Awards & The PRCA have been partners since 2015.