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Give customer service an MOT

Just as your car needs a yearly MOT to make sure all is working as it should be, your customer service will also benefit from a regular check-up. This will make sure that even the briefest touchpoints with the client will be perfect.

Mystery shop your agency

Call from an anonymous number or ask a friend to call your agency’s main telephone number with a new business enquiry. Make a note on how friendly the greetings and farewells are, how quickly the call is answered, how much information is asked for and if the questions seem probing or unreasonable, and how professional and polite the call handler is. These are the first impressions of the agency and are a good indication of how existing clients see the agency too. Also, sending an email enquiry will test how the agency comes across in a variety of communication methods, so all bases are covered.

Ask ‘Would I choose us?’

Take an objective view of your agency and honestly answer the question ‘Would I choose us?’ If you were a business owner – small or large – would you expect to receive emails in the manner in which you send them? Would you want your calls going to voicemail or answered by a friendly and helpful receptionist? The results of this exercise might surprise you.

Welcome client feedback

If you really want to know what clients think of your agency, you can always ask them. People love to be asked their opinion, and if you have a good relationship with a client, they should give you honest feedback. This could be in the form of an anonymous survey, email request, or through conversation during a meeting. But it’s worth remembering, feedback is worthless without action, so if someone gives a suggestion for improvement, act on it!