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The gif that keeps on giving

Imagine the scene:

A cold, dark, wet, November night.

The basement room of a Grand Union pub just off Holborn.

Ten nervous presenters, each with a presentation to be given Ignite-style (20 slides being moved on automatically every 15 seconds… no pauses, no hold-a-secs, no I-wasn’t-readies) on the subject of digital creativity.

And 100 PR people with free booze and the energy to, um, make their feelings known.

Welcome to the Ignite event hosted jointly by the PRCA’s Creative and Digital Groups this week.

It’s impossible to do all ten presenters justice in written form, but they were ALL fantastic, and I took some pretty clear take-outs (apologies to any speakers who think I’ve missed their point – I probably did).


1.“Trying to measure creativity is like trying to measure life”… instead we need to look at constituent elements and measure those.

•Thanks Kev O’Sullivan & Allison Adams from Fleishman-Hillard


2.There are nowhere near enough women in genuinely creative roles in the UK PR industry; this is not good enough, needs to stop and needs both men and women to fix it. 

•Thanks Ali Hanan from Creative Equals


3.It is entirely possible, and in certain instances should be compulsory, to link the essential principles of digital creativity and Strictly Come Dancing: commit, be live, improve through feedback, remember its about the journey, if the public like it who cares what experts think, glitter works… 

•Thank-you, thank-you Helen Lawrence from Twitter (also - amazing filling skillz!)


4.Star Wars is the same essential story as Beowulf, Lord of the Rings and Finding Nemo… just your average 47-stage cookie-cutter Hero movie… which means you don’t have to beat yourself up over the intellectual originality of your campaign for Find your lens.

•Thanks Emma Wright from H&K Strategies Sports Division


5.Creatively, you are better off showering with your colleagues than sitting in a boardroom on a drizzly afternoon just after lunch being told to have an idea (because we tend to have ideas when our subconscious is working, like when we’re in the shower).

•Thanks to the filthy Paul Sutton from Popcorn PR – no more Haribo!


6.The return to the advertorial is coming!

•Thank you for not pitching Rowly Bourne from Rezonence


7.Public services comms are drastically improved when original thinking is applied: a wordy descriptor of a Meals-on-Wheels service will receive far less engagement than the visually-led Casserole Club among the same audience

•Thank-you Laura Citron from WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice


8.Self-fulfilling myths create unintended futures… and influencers need to be more careful about which bandwagon they hitch on to

•Thanks Gemma Milne from Science:Disrupt


9.If Surrey Police can make effective use of social to undermine & offset an eco-protest ahead of a Royal visit, discreetly and effectively, you probably can too

•Thanks Ruth Shulver from Surrey Police


10.When presenting ignite-style, a funny gif goes a long way.

•Thanks to everyone 


Huuuuuuuuge gracias to all the presenters who had the oomph to stand in front of a ton of peers and share their point of view and to do it eloquently, with grace and not a little humour… your efforts and brains are hugely appreciated & inspiring.

Thanks also to the organizing teams at the PRCA, especially Candace and Souha.

Thanks as ever to the PRCA for the booze and food.

And thanks to everyone for the jeers and cheers which made another successful night.