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How to keep your team motivated during hectic periods in a PR agency

Working in a PR is always fast-paced, but from my experience in a B2B PR agency, some months can be particularly challenging – especially just after summer when all of your clients return from holiday!

So how can you keep your team motivated when it feels like more work is coming in than ever before?

Delegate properly – don’t just hand out a to-do list 

As an Account Manager it’s your responsibility to make sure that every request that comes in from a client gets dealt with efficiently. Of course, no one person can respond to every request from every client at once, so delegation is key - especially if you are working on projects across different departments like we usually do with our video team. However, there is a difference between just asking someone to do something and actually explaining in detail what you need done and the steps to achieve it.

It might seem like more work at first, but take the time to sit down with your team at the beginning of each week and run through all of your client accounts and what needs to be done. Every time you give a task to someone else, make sure that you explain in detail what you need them to do, and ask them if they have any questions or if they need any help in getting it done. This will help prevent any confusion later on, and make the team work more efficiently, keeping clients happier as their requests will be met more quickly.

Transparency is key

When doing this, it’s also a good idea to share what you will be working on that week. That way, your team know where you will be focusing and how much time you will have to support them on tasks. By letting them know your priorities, it will also stop your team wondering what you’re doing and if you’ve just delegated absolutely everything to them. 

Personally, I find that good delegation and transparency can help to keep up team morale because it reduces potential confusion around tasks and responsibility, which only adds to stress during busy times in an agency.

Reminding your team of the bigger picture

During busy periods it can feel like you’re just powering through a massive to-do list, and sometimes it’s easy to forget the bigger picture. It’s essential to remind your team about why they are doing certain things. For example, if you’ve asked someone to research some key trade media, explain that by doing so they ensure that client press releases go to the right people, and don’t languish in uninterested journalists’ inboxes. Make clear that the research increases the chances of coverage and further brand awareness for your client. Their one task will make a big difference in the long run.

Say thank you and recognise good work

Nothing beats being told that you’ve done a good job and getting a thank you. Although it’s busy, don’t forget to congratulate a job well done and thank your team for the work that they are doing. Make sure they know that their contributions are critical to the successful running of accounts and don’t take them for granted!

All in all, there will always be busy periods working in a PR agency, but you can keep up team morale by delegating properly, being transparent and reminding everyone how they are helping to achieve the bigger picture. And make sure to always say well done and thank you – it’s the little things that make the biggest differences!