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How to retain talent

For all the skills PR professionals have, the industry is a fluid one. In fact, PR agency turnover is as high as around 20% with people either being poached by a rival agency or deciding the PR agency life isn’t for them. This can be disastrous for an agency which sells itself on the talent of its staff.

Identifying the reasons why people leave their posts isn’t always easy. Moneypenny has worked hard at developing a workplace and culture that employees not only enjoy, but are happy to stay in for years. By looking at some of the reasons why people leave their jobs, we may be able to see how agencies can retain their talented employees and slow that revolving industry door.

Comfortable environment

We spend an enormous amount of our lives at work, so we want to spend it in an enjoyable and pleasing place. A drab office, with substandard furniture is never going to inspire a long-term relationship. Obviously, good quality basics such as chairs and computers are a must. But other things such as drink-making facilities and décor should be as pleasing as those in our homes. The little things really add up to make a comfortable environment.

Feeling appreciated

One of the most important things we need to feel in our work, is that we have a purpose. Of course no one wants to spend hours of their time producing something of little value. It has to matter. And importantly, it has to be acknowledged. Work without praise is never long-lasting, and can encourage people to harbour resentment if left ignored. There are all sorts of ways to make staff feel appreciated, and simply telling them regularly is a good place to start.

Provide opportunities

In both our work and hobbies, we love to stretch ourselves and learn new things. The knowledge that this is supported by our employer can be very comforting. No one wants to work for a company that doesn’t want to see its employees develop themselves. At Moneypenny, we offer NVQs in customer service, team leadership and management. This is in addition to employees using their hidden skills such as graphic art or creative writing to enrich the company culture, making it a place people enjoy working in.