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To be human is to communicate

Today’s consumer is communicated to by more brands, through more media channels, more often. But access to vast and varied sources of information is depleting consumers’ cognitive aptitude and splitting their attention.

Stir PR has conducted a piece of research into the change in information consumption in the Digital Era, developed in collaboration with cognitive neuroscience research lab THECUBE London.

The report sheds light on the consumer rejection of top-down-brand-communication in favour of peer-to-peer recommendation and explores the cognitive process behind human communication, in order to understand how best to engage audiences and move them from a position of novelty, towards brand loyalty.

This cognitive neuroscience research will inform Stir’s approach moving forwards, driving the impact, and therefore value, of its communication executions.

For more information contact Jo Seymour-Taylor, our Client Services Director.

Click here to read the research summary – To be Human is to Communicate.