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MICA Events

When you become a MICA member, you will have access to the PRCA’s range of events at the same rates as PRCA members, including many that are free. Covering a fascinating range of topics, from evaluation to how to be a successful freelancer, these provide a window on the wider industry, helping automotive industry communicators benchmark best practice with our wider profession.

MICA is also developing its own range of automotive-specific events, bringing together industry leaders and fascinating specialists to share their experiences and answer your questions. These super-affordable events also provide an unbeatable opportunity to meet and get to know fellow automotive industry communicators as well as specialists from aligned sectors including government and the media.

Fancy something more challenging? We are planning debates featuring leading industry specialists, in which the thorny topics of the day are aired in front of a knowledgeable and passionate MICA audience. Take your seats and enjoy the fireworks, but be prepared to have your perceptions challenged.

To discover MICA events, click here. To discover PRCA events, click here.