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How to Join MICA

MICA membership is personal to you and portable from employer to employer. It’s about developing your skills and your network to support your career. For department heads interested in developing the skills of their team, we offer a group discount: for every five team members signing-up, we offer one free membership.


£150 a year.

Associate Membership                              

£50 a year if you have been in an automotive communications role for less than two years or would like to join MICA while you are exploring a move into an automotive communications career.

Student Membership

£15 a year if you are in full-time education.

All members receive equal access to the full range of MICA training, events, mentoring and other benefits alongside the specially-negotiated range of PRCA membership benefits selected for MICA members. These include:

•            Training courses

•            Qualifications

•            Group events

•            Conferences

•            Awards

Join now by clicking here and, in Question 3, selecting the MICA membership type that is right for you. For a VAT invoice, please email your details to