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Apprentice Fact File - Molly Fennemore


Molly Fennemore



Organisation & Description:

Templemere PR, a PR agency that provides world-class reputation management and communications consultancy to businesses working in the travel industry.

Date you started the PR Apprenticeship:

November 2019

What were you doing before your apprenticeship?

Before starting the PRCA PR and Communications apprenticeship I had just completed my A-Levels at The Henley college, I had been studying fine art textiles, sociology and geography.

What attracted you to the PR Apprenticeship?

At first I was unsure of what I really wanted to do after finishing my A-levels, I realised that I didn’t want to go to university, so I started looking at different options. After researching into more about apprenticeships, I knew this would be better suited to my style of learning. This apprenticeship allowed me to gain relevant experience whilst studying for a qualification!

What was the highlight of your PR Apprenticeship?

There have been various highlights, almost too many to pick from! One of my highlights is a video I created to be shown at a press conference, there was a lot of back and forth from the client and a lot of late finishes, but it was worth it to see the result and receive such positive feedback.

Another highlight would be the people I work, I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a positive small team, who have helped me throughout the apprenticeship, pushed me to do my best, and still constantly help me to develop new skills.

What do you feel your apprenticeship helped you achieve?

The apprenticeship has given me a range of opportunities and experiences which I never would have been offered had I gone onto university. I have gained valuable skills that simply cannot be taught from a textbook, I have also gain vital practical experience as well as my qualification giving an advantage against those who may just have qualifications. The apprenticeship has boosted my self-confidence and has provided me with the professional skills needed for a successful career in PR.

What was the biggest challenge that you overcame?

COVID-19 proved to be the biggest challenge when completing my apprenticeship. From being furloughed, to working at home, COVID-19 created a lot of obstacles. However, these just proved to be another challenge in which I overcame to complete my apprenticeship ahead of time.

Top 3 skills a PR Apprentice needs:

  • Creativity
  • Organisation
  • Multitasking


I love PR because…

No two days are the same! I get the opportunity to work on a huge variety of projects, with so many different people and I am never bored!