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5 Ways To Create An Optimum Concentration-Zone

When your job is to look after the needs of your clients, it can end up taking over your working day if it’s not kept in check.

Of course clients need your attention, but when you’re tending to their every email the second it pops into your inbox or answering their call after only one ring, that To-Do list is only going to get bigger and bigger.

It’s all too easy to be at the beck and call of a client, but the truth is you need some Zen-like space to concentrate on simply getting your work for them done.

Turn off emails

Blocking out emails is fairly straightforward. Turn them off and learn the discipline not to quickly check on them while you’re in the middle of a piece of work. This is more difficult than it sounds, but with persistence can be achieved.

Forward calls to another person

One of the biggest annoyances is the ringing phone. Even if you switch it to silent, your client is still trying to get through to you and the temptation to answer doesn’t go away. Letting them go through to voicemail is unthinkable if you don’t want to come across as rude. Using a telephone answering service will make sure calls are answered and the client’s needs are met.

Designate question time

If you work with other people who also need your input into their work, ask them to get in touch at certain points during the day. This will save you being bombarded with questions and interrupting your work-flow. Lunchtime and mid-afternoon are often natural break points during the day.

Have a study space

This may seem like the sort of thing you’d find in a college or university, but having a specific quite room or space in the office could be just what you need to help create an atmosphere where you can concentrate on work away from devices and chatter.

Balance the atmosphere


That annoying hum of air-conditioning or tapping of a radiator can cause a distraction when you’re trying to get into the work-zone. When you’re trying to concentrate, you notice the temperature and office noises much more, so make sure your comfortable and turn off any equipment that makes a racket.