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It is time for PR to get creative

Creativity has been a buzzword in our industry for some time now and although it often comes with a wave of groans at its constant mention, it is utterly vital to PR and communications.

The PRCA has been a trailblazer in harnessing and empowering talent which is one of the reasons we are proud to back The Creative Shootout. No longer does information, knowledge, and power solely take a top-down approach. Instead, we are seeing an age in which all three can come from any level of the industry.

While the PR industry is adept at creating great campaigns, it is not every time that it creates something that truly resonates with its target market. And the difference lies in the degree of creativity that was employed to create a truly disruptive campaign.

I believe one issue is the scaling down of ideas too early in the process. Someone could say “that’s an interesting idea, but let’s scale it back a bit”. But why should you? Ideas need to be allowed to grow in an open environment where true creativity can flourish.

This is where The Creative Shootout comes into its own. With just a day to create nothing less than a genius idea, the event is admittedly daunting. Being creative in any form can be tricky, but applying it effectively can take a long time to master. But it is by pitting yourself against the very best that you can prove to yourselves and others just how great a PR and communications practitioners you are.

Gone are the days when the big idea is owned exclusively by advertising creatives – a group who are rightly panicking about the challenge we are presenting them. It is time for PR to get creative, get outside your box, and get signed up to The Creative Shootout 2017.