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The power of agency learning

Technology is now playing an increasingly important role in the development of agency value propositions. The extent to which you can impress potential clients through a sophisticated understanding and use of emerging tech could be the difference between winning a pitch and going home empty-handed. Harnessing new technologies can be a useful way to stand out from other agencies and stay at the cutting edge.

With the world of communications evolving on a daily basis, keeping up to speed with new trends while improving your personal skill set is vital for an individual’s career and the work completed for clients. Marketing agencies looking to stay at the forefront of the digital industry therefore need to consider the ROI that can be gained from a successful staff training programme.

Combining new technology and staff learning could be the winning combination. Award-winning digital marketing agency, Yard, certainly think so, as their recent partnership with Andragogy demonstrates. Yard has hired Andragogy to provide an innovative AI-based training experience, which will deliver sustained, accredited learning for staff and increased transparency for clients.

Founded by digital marketing agency veterans, Andragogy usesoftware that provides a detailed map of individual and workforce skills profiles, combining this with digital marketing course modules delivered online and offline by subject matter experts. Thanks to AI-based technology, the Andragogy programme embeds learning and is able to establish if key knowledge is being retained.

This partnership will result in Yard becoming the first UK agency to provide complete transparency to clients regarding staff training and knowledge levels. Clients of Yard will be able to access details of the current skill levels held within the organisation, measured objectively by Andragogy. 

A partnership such as this could set a trend for agencies going forward. Client transparency combined with improved staff morale and retention are some of the valuable benefits that technology can provide for success-driven agencies.