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Why pursue a career in PR?

As a child, like so many others, writing, storytelling and creating would send me into rhapsody. Though at that age, everything did and so in a way, nothing particularly stood out. Time blossomed, as did I, yet my future continued to lack embodiment.

Nevertheless, producing stories persisted to resonate with me and so, I attended college at 16 to study Film Production to ‘tell’ through a lens. The creativity and collaboration within the course excited me and my results evidenced this, however, I was still writing more than filming.

My hometown grew tiresome and I wasn’t ready to quit learning about the world; (I hope I’ll never be). The University of the West of England (UWE) appealed to me as did their Journalism and Public Relations (BA) Honors degree. I’m not completely besotted by fiction and having two disciplines in one course gave wiggle room, career-wise.

Oblivious to what would come of it, my studies commenced. During the pivotal years of my higher education, I was partially taught and inspired by Public Relations wizard, Sharon Wheeler. From content creation and brand awareness, to collaborating with my peers when designing, as well as visualizing a campaign strategy for the official British Caving Association, I was hooked. Boundless in versatility, I knew PR would release the brimming creativity within me and deposit it in work that would contribute to something worthwhile.

On July 22nd of this year, I graduated UWE with First-class Honors and the PRCA award for “outstanding achiever”, which takes us to the present day. Now a fresh graduate and London newbie, I’m ready to make my mark in the PR industry, but where to start?

Perhaps I should follow the talent behind ingenious stunts like Greggs ‘Gregory and Gregory’ pop-up stall, existing to entice a new, higher-class clientele whilst revealing their latest recipes. Or, like in recent months, Ikea’s recreation of notorious TV living room sets by using, thus advertising their products. Even LinkedIn’s temporary pub ‘The Linked Inn’ remains impressionably retentive to me.

However, sustainability is hot topic at the moment and rightly so. Going beyond CSR, companies are beginning to align their profit margins with purposeful objectives for important world matters. Kathleen Enright, a Managing Director in sustainability strategizing says, “For a purpose genuinely to deliver societal good, it must be industry-changing. That’s not something that can be achieved overnight, nor by one company alone.”

Positive corporate impact is paramount to a healthy, happy earth and an aspect that I eager to embark on. Shoe manufacturer, TOMS, helped pioneer this movement in 2011 and Lacoste have since replaced their crocodile emblem with engendered species; Holland have redesigned the roofs of bus shelters into bee sanctuaries and multiple corporations now plants tree’s per customer interaction.

Both directions will feed my creative appetite, but whatever road I trace, I am assured that it will be within the realms of PR. For now, I will continue to connect with likeminded people and educate myself on the multifaceted world of the public relations industry.