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Public Affairs and Lobbying Register

For more information contact:

Nicholas Dunn-Mcafee

T:020 7233 6026 

The PRCA publishes, every quarter, a register of all members who practice public affairs, and in the case of consultancies the list of clients for whom they conduct public affairs.

This is done in accordance with our Codes of Conduct and Professional Charter by which all our members agree to abide. The Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct enshrine the commitment PRCA members make to transparent and ethical communications. The PRCA Public Affairs and Lobbying Register is updated quarterly and retrospectively. 

This was last updated in September 2018 with June-July-August 2018 details.

This will next be updated in December 2018 with September-October-November 2018 details.


The PRCA Public Affairs and Lobbying Register



Consultancies, in-house teams and public affairs professionals that wish to sign up to the Register should speak to Nicholas Henry Dunn-McAfee.

Members of the PRCA can play a part in our active Public Affairs and Lobbying Group. The PRCA sends out a regular Public Affairs and Lobbying Group bulletin, informing members of our monthly events and the work done to represent our industry.


Definition of lobbying

The PRCA, APPC and CIPR have worked together to produce a definition of lobbying for the Government to use for its proposed Statutory Register of Lobbyists. You can find the Definition here. We have also prepared an FAQ to help you understand how we reached our definition.


Previous registers

Previous versions of the PRCA Public Affairs and Lobbying Register - and a static PDF of the most recently details - are hosted here.