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Tom Thomson PR Apprentice Fact File

Tom Thomson, Wessex Water

Speechwriting made simple


Louise Third, , Communications Consultant, PR adviser, speaker coach and speechwriter. PRCA

Managing stress in PR

Jodie Brazier, Comms Consultant, TopLine Comms

PRCA 50: Surfing the tides of the PR industry

John Orme, Senior Counsellor EMEA, Porter Novelli

Why I’m telling a different story – the one of mental health in comms

Leanne Ehren – Communications Specialist and Mental Health and Wellbeing advocate

Five Easy Ways to Improve Mental Wellbeing

Angie Vaux, Founder & CEO, OutsideIN Performance/PRCA trainer

, Founder & CEO, OutsideIN Performance / PRCA trainer

PRCA 50: The future is bright for brands with purpose

Larry Weber, Chairman & CEO, Racepoint Global

, Larry Weber, Chairman & CEO, Racepoint Global

Building European relationships for stronger comms

Fiona Goldsworthy, Head of Global, Brands2Life

, Head of Global, Brands2Life