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Building European relationships for stronger comms


Today (9th May) is Europe Day. Historically the date marks the anniversary of the 'Schuman declaration' when the then French foreign minister set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, aimed at ensuring peace and unity. While the day today may generate debate due to ongoing Brexit deliberations, many decades of close relationships spanning Europe should be celebrated – not least in the communications industry.

For any brand seeking to launch or expand into Europe there are multiple considerations. Which country, which language, which city even (for more decentralised set-ups regarding media and centres of influence), let alone the different political systems and approaches to business that will affect how successful a brand can be. To navigate all of the above, as well as the variations in cultural sensitivities and nuances, and an intricate and fragmented earned and social media landscape, it’s important to have the right people to support you.

“Being part of a strong European network is a great opportunity. While London is still the main hub for multi-national companies, France, Germany or the Netherlands are also chosen as the EU headquarters of some global leaders, leading to an increase in business opportunities that stem from multiple geographies.” – François Ramaget, founder of Gootenberg (France)

Just as Europe Day celebrates many different countries putting aside their differences to work collaboratively on a common goal (whether peace, unity, prosperity or simply as neighbours), a European communications network needs to focus on building close relationships with many different partners to deliver the best result for the client. Unlike many global firms, we choose to work with best-of-breed independent agency partners. This means we find the best partner for you and your business in each region, with the relevant expertise, experience, and without conflicts – focused on a shared commitment to creating and delivering better stories for bigger impact.

“The Brands2Life Global Network connects entrepreneurial agencies across Europe (and the world). By constantly exchanging ideas and inspiration and drawing from our cultural diversity, we reach levels of creativity and flexibility unmatched by traditional network agencies. We are Europe in its most effective form.” – Natalie Link, co-founder and MD of adel & link (Germany)

A big part of making a European communications network work well lies in encouraging clients to listen to their in-country agency partners. Our partners are the experts in what resonates in their market. Whether highlighting cultural sensitivities, advising on the ideas and stories that will gain traction in individual markets or how best to engage with journalists, their local insights will help your campaign bear fruit globally.

“Working with best-in class agencies across Europe and the rest of world is an essential part of our networked business model. In the gig economy era, our clients appreciate that we are willing to always reach beyond ourselves and extend the offering to include additional services from our vast ecosystem of Swedish, Nordic and international communication professionals.” - Mikael Westmark, CEO of Westmark (Sweden)

Similar to the changing nature of the European Union, a strong European network needs to continually evolve to build close relationships with a number of different partners. This involves keeping it engaged, operationally and strategically, with all agency partners aligned on one strong, compelling narrative, with locally tailored creative and engaging content, to deliver better stories for bigger impact.

"Having close partnerships across Europe has a valuable advantage. We benefit from our partners' experience in so far that we always ensure that our messages are adapted according to each market and that they reach the right target audiences locally. By cooperating with local experts and tapping into their intricate cultural knowledge, we achieve better results and have the edge over our competition." - Tilo Bonow, founder and CEO of PIABO (Germany)

What makes us different from one another can also be a reason for celebration, starting with Europe Day.