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Apprenticeship Case Studies

Case studies from some of our Employers.


'As well as advertising, sourcing and filtering applications, PRCA provided us a with a shortlist of pre- screened candidates, the calibre of which was excellent. Their support over the last year for our current apprentices has been a great help.'  

Fraser Sinclair, HR Director, Golin


'Thanks to the PRCA’s quality selection process and ongoing assessments, we have had the benefit of a very capable and focused apprentice for the last year now, and all without any hassle or recruitment fees.'

Megan Greenwood, Founder, See.Saw



Liz Male Consulting

'The process was very simple, thanks to support from the PRCA. But all the important rules about recruiting still apply: the quality of interview is critical. Emma’s ambition and positive attitude shone through in interview.'

Liz Male, Managing Director at Liz Male Consulting Ltd


Cambridgeshire Constabulary

'The PRCA provided our apprentice, Laura, with first class support throughout her apprenticeship which gave her the skills and confidence to develop and grow within the workplace. The combination of in-house experience and the PRCA’s online and face-to-face study enabled Laura to learn a lot in a short space of time and she is now able to progress within the organisation.

The PRCA dealt with almost all of the recruitment process which made hiring an apprentice hassle free for us. A wealth of fantastic, bright young individuals were shortlisted and it was just a matter of picking which candidate we felt best suited our team.

We were so happy with the PRCA’s service that we’ve just hired a new apprentice who is proving to be a very valuable member of the team.'

Shelley Spratt, Deputy Head of Corporate Communications at Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Templemere Public Relations

'At Templemere PR we believe in encouraging young people into the PR industry. Our own apprentice has proved to be a fabulous addition to our team. She’s received high-quality training from the PRCA, and this is evident from the high-quality work she does to support our work and our clients.

As we are only a small team and our apprentice was our fourth recruit, we did debate whether appointing a graduate would be more appropriate for such an important strategic move. However, once the process began we realised that the calibre of the apprentice candidates meant that not only was this the best decision for us now, but also that it would be how we plan to recruit for junior roles in the future.

Our apprentice enjoys combining her studies with client work within an agency, and is looking forward to completing the apprenticeship with us.'

Clare Williams, Managing Director at Templemere Public Relations

Quantum PR

'The PRCA’s apprenticeship service presented our agency with a selection of high quality candidates suited best to agency. Our apprentice was supported by a dedicated mentor and assessor who provided assistance and encouragement throughout the programme.'

Sananur Meric, Senior Account Manager, Quantum PR



At the Scouts we believe in supporting young people and adults to develop the skills they need to succeed in life. This is one of the reasons we are so passionate about the apprentices we employ.

We moved to the PRCA from another organisation as we were looking for someone to provide greater support, expertise and industry perspective for our learners. Our apprentices enjoy combining their studies with practical media work, and feel motivated and empowered to start their career after they have finished with us.

The PRCA worked with us as an employer to find and shortlist quality candidates with an enthusiasm for vocational training and media work. Their help and support in this area was invaluable.

Apprentices are fearless and bring a real “why are you doing it that way” attitude, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives. They receive superb mentoring and training from PRCA and we will be looking to work with them again when our current apprentice finishes his studies.

Andrew Thorp, Media Relations Officer/Media Relations Apprenticeship Manager, The Scouts