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Getting to grips with grammar

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An essential refresher for PR professionals who need to produce high-quality written work. If you've ever been confused about where to place an apostrophe or how to use a semicolon properly, this is the course for you. Whether you are drafting a press release, email, proposal, feature or web page, you need to be confident that your work will pass scrutiny.

Course Objectives: 

This course will give you the confidence to use punctuation and sentence structure correctly and address common English grammar mistakes in a common sense and light-hearted format. It will provide reassurance to every writer and provide delegates with a renewed confidence in the documents they produce.

Learning Objectives: 

Grammar myths explored.
What makes a sentence a sentence.
Placing commas correctly.
Semicolons and colons: when and why to use them.
Apostrophes: never confuse it's and its again.
Getting plurals right.
Differences between American and British English.
Your personal grammar questions answered.


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.