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PRCA Beginner’s Guide to Communications Research


24 Mar 2017


08:30:00 AM





The Beginners Guide to Communications Research is a free training scheme offered to all PRCA members. The scheme will provide an introduction to research with a specific focus on its use in the communications mix.

Event Type: Member Event

Address: Ketchum, London, SE1 0SW

Event Overview

Our aim is to:
• Educate stakeholders to make more informed purchasing decisions
• Advise on maximising return on investment 
• Provide knowledge and guidance for best practice
• Highlight uses of research outside of pure headline generation

The sessions are the latest in a series of PRCA initiatives developed in partnership with specialist research consultancy Vitreous World to provide members with advice for insight and data services whilst highlighting the importance of quality measures related to its use in the media.

The Speakers: 
Tim Baker CMRS: Tim has considerable experience on the client as well as supplier side of the industry. His understanding of how data and insight can be optimised to ensure delivery both looks and feels good with the end product ready for your rapid use.

Matt Reynolds MMRS: Matt, the creator of Vitreous World, is also the Chairman of the PRCA Research Best Practice Committee. A champion of best practice and client service excellence, his background spans 15 years working in Public Relations, Marketing and Market Research.

Robert Agnew MMRS: Rob is a bright and enthusiastic researcher who’s attention to detail is only matched by his focus on achieving new levels of customer service.

Sessions will take place once a month with a limited number of 20 attendees per session. For more information call 0203 764 2638

To sign up please email:

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This event is worth 10 points in the PRCA CPD scheme.