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The Neuroscience of Engagement


03 Apr 2017


10:00:00 AM





Working with Amy Brann from Synaptic Potential, this fascinating event will be exploring the neuroscience of engagement. It will all be about engaging brains and enabling people to focus and be productive, while having a more positive experience.

Event Type: Industry Event

Address: Instinctif Partners, London, EC2V 7NQ

Event Overview

We are human beings first, before we are employees and honouring this helps everyone get better results.

Connecting people to the core of the organisation is vital and this session draws on hard science to offer credibly reliable ways forward. What you can expect by attending:

  • To understand what engagement really is from a brain perspective and how to start creating it
  • Tools: The Beautifully Simple Model that gets RESULTS & The Winning Scientific Formula
  • To appreciate their individual responsibility to engage, what their team can do and how the organization overall can be structured to best support
  • Structured approaches to put things into action and start enhancing the culture.

More about our guest speaker: 

Amy Brann blends her academic knowledge of how the brain works with her experience of leaders’ challenges to share uniquely insightful ways forward.

Amy studied foundational neuroscience at UCL medical school before choosing to train instead as a Coach. Delivering 12,000 hours of Coaching and consulting to leaders means she has seen, and helped deal with, problems in every sector and many different types of organization.

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