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PRCA Digital Group event: Authenticity in Digital Communications - Who do you trust in a post-truth world?


13 Apr 2017


06:30:00 PM





Please join us for this PRCA Digital Group event in association with Passle on 13th April.

Event Type: Group Event

Address: WeWork South Bank Central, 30 Stamford Street, London, SE19LQ

Event Overview

In a world where politicians whitewash, companies spin and the media seem liberal with the truth, who can we trust? In our daily lives and indeed in business, we crave information when we make decisions. But who can you rely on when so much contradictory information is available at the click of a button?

Countless events in recent history suggest that stories supersede facts. Authenticity is at the heart of modern communications, but does being ‘authentic’ mean being truthful?

Join us for an evening of drinks, networking, and a panel discussion from:

James Ball - Buzzfeed

Richard Fogg CMPRCA - CCgroup

Amanda Moulson CMPRCA - Access Emanate

Connor Kinnear MPRCA - Passle

John Brown MPRCA - Hotwire