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PRCA Travel & Tourism Group event: Influencing the Influencers


20 Apr 2017


06:30:00 PM





Join this Travel & Tourism Group event for a Q & A with some of the biggest names within the sector.

The event will explore the fundamentals of PR and how agencies can define the role of the PR professional to key decision makers. The panel will discuss how to educate the tourism sector and why decision makers need to gain a better understanding of PR.

Event Type: Group Event

Address: Mischief, 60 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7RT

Event Overview

The aim of this event is to:

- Learn about the decision making process of when organisations select an agency

- Discover what tourism businesses look out for in a PR agency.

- How PRs can improve the education of what PR is within the travel and tourism sector

- Why PR is an important part of the mix, how we sell PR to decision makers and how we secure bigger budgets from decisions makers.

- Defining the role of a PR professional 

The panel will include:

- Louise Newton, Group Head of Marketing, Inghams, Ski Total, Esprit Ski, and Santa's Lapland.

- John Harrington MPRCA, Deputy Editor, PR Week

- Tine Murn, Founder, MindBrand

- Wendy Pedder, Marketing Manager, Visit Guernsey

The panel will be moderated by Frank Marr MPRCA, Director and Head of Marketing, A Marr & Associates. 

Attendance at this event is worth 15 PRCA CPD points