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Talent Retention


27 Feb 2019







Most communications leaders feel that improving retention of their top talent remains one of their highest priorities. Hiring and training great people is difficult and expensive and losing them before they have realised their potential to the organisation is a critical problem. Finding ways to keep your best people motivated and engaged is a key part of running a sustainable and successful team or firm.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: PRCA, London, SE1 0BE

Places available: 6

Places remaining: 2

Trainer: Sally Costerton FPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

Event Overview:

Improving retention of your talent will improve your employer brand and reputation, strengthen your culture and build a more sustainable and profitable business.

Attendees will be able to explore and understand what makes good staff leave - and stay including:

  • The role of the culture of your organisation - how you can adopt best practice to optimize retention?
  • The role of career development programmes, in particular those elements proven to be most effective

Attendees will also:

  • Learn how to map talent in your team to identify high potential as well as high performers
  • Understand the role of goal setting and performance measurement
  • Explore the role of incentives including how to implement them in different situations
  • Examine the role of coaching and mentoring staff for retention
  • Discuss specific challenges with the group and explore possible solutions

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for senior communications practitioners responsible for leading and managing teams.


All course content will be available to attendees