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How Local Authorities work and how to work with them


25 Apr 2019







For many communications specialists, it is MPs, Ministers and civil servants that they concentrate on to lobby or target their messaging. But with the move towards localism it is more important than ever to ensure you include local government in your stakeholder management and communications strategies.

Event Type: Webinar

Address: Online, Online, SE1 0BE

Places available: 50

Places remaining: 50

Trainer: Nickie Aiken MPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

Attendees will be able to:

*    Understand how local government is set up - the different tiers and their responsibilities including unitary authorities, London boroughs, districts, metropoliti and county councils.

*    Recognise the major influences Mayors and councils have in improving and developing their local areas.

*     Understand the decision making process particularly around planning and licensing issues.

*    Consider ways of successfully working with councillors, officers and local resident groups 

*    Consider how to target your communications strategies and messaging at a local audience

Who should attend:

This course is designed for all communicators working with local authorities or considering working with local authorities. 

What will you learn:

*     How to build local government into your stakeholder management and communications strategies

*    How to best work with local authorities 

*    How to target councillors and officers with your messaging and campaigns

What materials attendees will receive:

Attendees will receive the comprehensive course presentation which includes case studies and links to free sources of further information.