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Confidence in Communications - How to Grow your Own gravitas


27 Mar 2019







Many women in the communications industry struggle with issues of presence and gravitas. They feel undermined and judged by clients and (senior) colleagues. They struggle to get their point across in meetings and fail to do themselves justice on conference calls, in presentations and pitches. In essence, they are missing opportunities to contribute, to grow, to impress. And all the while, confidence and credibility are being eroded at an important phase in their career.

The key to solving these common problems lies in establishing robust communication habits. By addressing both your mind set and your skill set, you will be better able to deal with challenging situations. You will be more in control and therefore more confident. Crucially, you will discover that confidence is not a mystical force field or an inherent quality but something which can be created and developed.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: The Jam Factory Oxford Ltd, 4 Hollybush Row,, Oxford, OX1 1HU

Places available: 15

Places remaining: 3

Trainer: Jayne Constantinis MPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

During the session we unpick ‘gravitas’ and ‘presence’ so that you can acquire practical tools to grow your own.

You will learn:

• How effective preparation underpins confidence, ‘gravitas’ and ‘presence’

• The value of rehearsal in building self esteem and credibility

• Audience and message planning techniques, to be able to resonate with audiences

• How to make content memorable and impactful – not just what you say but also the language you use around your content (e.g. apologetic, hesitant)

• To maximise the potential in your voice – intonation, volume, pace

• How to use body language and eye contact for maximum effect

• Practical techniques to combat nerves so that you can perform well under pressure

• Individual strategies for dealing with interruptions/challenge

• The art of being assertive, not aggressive

• Negotiation/persuasion techniques.