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PRCA South West Group: The craft of brand storytelling


15 May 2019




South Petherton



Please join us on Wednesday, 15th May for this PRCA South West Group event, kindly hosted by our County Champion ADPR and presented by international expert Andy Green, CMPRCA.

Event Type: Member Event

Address: ADPR, The Old Apple Store, New Cross Court, New Cross Hill, South Petherton, South Petherton, TA13 5HZ

Event Overview

Join the market leaders who understand how to use ‘Brand’ and ‘Brand Story’ to revolutionise the impact and results of any PR activity and your writing. Every brand has a story to tell. Telling yours ‘better’ gives a competitive advantage. Transform your communications by understanding how Brand and Brand Storytelling can make communications more distinctive, compelling and authentic. This lunchtime workshop will introduce the key techniques and skills in Brand Story-telling and help you to unearth the touchstone to your mission - the ‘Big Story Idea’ at the heart of your next outstanding communication. It is what can make your message irresistible. You will also learn the power of Brand Platforms and be given pointers on how to identify key themes and issues to make your message as focussed as possible.

Come along and learn how to develop your craft as a Brand Storyteller. Lunch will be provided.

This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.