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Transforming PR & Comms - creating a better future for you and public relations


30 Apr 2019







Please join us on Tuesday, 30th April for this PRCA South West Group event, presented by international expert Andy Green, CMPRCA.

Event Type: Member Event

Address: Speed Communications, Bristol, BS8 2NW

Event Overview

A year ago a remarkable gathering took place in Dublin with 25 practitioners from public relations, communications, social comms, and advertising coming together at city’s Technological University to discuss and explore our future.

Now, 12 months on there has been some remarkable thinking and doing taking place.

We live in uncertain times. The age of digital communications has disrupted and transformed our daily work. Yet, we have also witnessed revolutions in neuroscience and behavioural psychology producing greater understanding on how we think and act, as well as in anthropology of how we connect together as social animals.

The 12 months of sweat, exploration and conversations have created some remarkable results.

  1. We now have a simple, easy-to-use map that explains why we do what we do. It provides you with understanding to instil greater confidence and self-belief.
  2. We have a series of recipes - or strategies - that can guide your future actions, enabling you to be more agile, integrated and powerful
  3. We have a new Toolkit that provides you with the bigger picture to deliver instant strategies and comms plans, step-by-step guides on building critical relationships, managing your assets and social purpose to deliver with greater results

On a practical level we will share new thinking, processes and tools that can:

  • Make it easier and quicker to create more powerful and comprehensive briefs for any communications or public relations activity
  • Enable you to harness the power of emotional communications simply and effectively
  • Provide you with a new toolkit to overcome communications barriers, making what you say more powerful and effective
  • Identify four key pathways for your communication or public relations strategies and tactics, enabling you to be more flexible, agile and purposeful in what you do

On a theoretical level we will share:

  • The equivalent of a bigger map to better understand your position and guide your future direction
  • A springboard to boost your confidence, self-belief and sense of social purpose as well as tackle any uncertainty, stress, and anxiety that disruptive change can create.

Come along. It will be one Conversation you need to be part of.

This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.