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The PRCA 50th Anniversary Fellows’ Debate


23 May 2019







The PRCA Fellows Debate in conjunction with the University of Richmond will reflect the Golden Anniversary year of the PRCA, and will cover the following motion:

PR in the UK now meets the general definition of - and conditions for - a “profession”.

Event Type: Conference

Address: University of Richmond (Kensington Campus), 17 Young Street, London, W8 5EH

Event Overview

The event will be chaired by David Gallagher FPRCA, Chairman of the PRCA Fellows and President, Growth and Development, International, Omnicom Public Relations Group.

The motion will be debated by the following leading PR experts:


  • Alison Clarke FPRCA, Principal, Alison Clarke Consulting
  • Tomos Rhys Edwards CMPRCA, Head of Global Research Communications, EMEA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Shraddha Kaul MPRCA, Public Affairs and Public Relations Manager, British Poultry Council


  • Simon Goldsworthy FPRCA, Professor of Public Relations and Advertising, Richmond University
  • Sarah Wrixon MPRCA, Founder, Salix & Co
  • Lionel Zetter FPRCA, Managing Director, Zetter's Political Services

The debate will be followed by networking and complimentary drinks. 

More details about the debate to be announced shortly.