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Blending PR & Marketing - Communications in the 21st Century


16 Jul 2019







This half day conference is designed to provide delegates with discussion, debate and insight into future developments within our industry.

Event Type: Conference

Address: Ellwood Atfield, London, SW1P 3HL

Event Overview

Join the PRCA for a morning of insight as we look at the increasingly blurred lines between marketing and PR, and how practitioners are growing their skillsets to incorporate the learnings from the marketing world.


9:00 – Arrival

9:25 – Introduction - Andrew Thomas FPRCA, Publisher, Transform and Communicate magazines

9:30 – Keynote – Jon Evans, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Brewdog

9:55-10:45 – Panel – How are in-house teams dealing with the blend of PR and marketing? Panelists include Lee Thompson, Head of International Comms and Strategic Partnerships, CNBC; Jon Evans, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Brewdog; and Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement, Loughborough University

10:45-11:05 – BREAK

11:05-11:40 – Keynote – Ian Millner, CEO and Co-founder, Iris: Are we entering the era of participation?

Epic creative on the TV, and data driven martech can only take us so far…

11:40-12:25 – Panel – What does the future hold for PR and marketing agencies? Panelists include: Roberta Fuke, CEO, Speed Communications; Clive Mishon, Director, Marketing Agencies Action Group; Dan Saxby, Founder, The Elephant Room

12:25 - Closing Comments

More information about speakers will be announced shortly.

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This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.