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PRCA Tech Group event: What does the future hold for mainstream tech journalism?


23 Jul 2019







Please join the PRCA Tech Group for its event on the evening of 23rd July. Please arrive at 18:00 for an 18:30 start.

Event Type: Group Event

Address: Golin, 2 Waterhouse Square, 140 Holborn, London, EC1N 2AE

Event Overview

With all the talk of digital transformation, is every company a technology company now? We will ask a panel of National and Business journalists, what is a tech story today? When does it become a business or industry specific story, or are these so intertwined now that it’s hard to determine who should take on what? How can smaller firms compete against the Silicon Valley giants? The session will also encourage debate on whether technology journalism might become a thing of the past because reporters from industries such as retail and finance become techies too, or if it’s up to tech reporters to upskill their knowledge to keep pace?


Shona Ghosh – Business Insider

Elizabeth Schulze – CNBC

Zoe Kleinman – BBC

The PRCA Technology Group and its events are sponsored by Press Association

This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.