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Creativity - Transform your Capability


21 Jul 2020







In Awaken your Creativity, Andy Green shows anyone can learn and apply the principles that are used by everyone from leading marketing executives to noted comedians, broadcasters and entrepreneurs.

A workshop combining an all-you-need-to know overview with a creativity toolkit for more agile, flexible and creative thinking to unleash your potential, create profound insights and spot more opportunities. Transform how you overcome challenges from new business pitches, to tackling stale clients, and better brainstorming. Includes 1:1 creative coaching.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: PRCA, London, SE1 0BE

Places available: 10

Places remaining: 10

Trainer: Andy Green MPRCA

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Non-Members Ticket for Classroom Training : Creativity - Transform your Capability £410.00 £345.00 Login or register to book

Event Overview

Delegates gain:


  • Generate a multitude of ideas for any given project or challenge
  • Organise and manage brainstorm sessions that produce results

BRAINSTORNING TECHNIQUES at three progressive levels that:

  • Enable anyone to be more creative
  • Overcome the biggest barriers to creative thinking
  • Address specific types of challenge or opportunity


  • Sort, evaluate and develop the ideas generated
  • Create the essential separation between generating ideas and evaluating them

SELLING TECHNIQUES for presentations and pitches to ensure your ideas become a reality and to address the specific challenges of selling originality.


  • Knowledge and tools they can use immediately- including a manual that guides the user through running an effective brainstorming session of their own.
  • First hand experience of effective brainstorming- complete with an array of new ideas for their own current projects.