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In conversation with Iain Anderson FPRCA: Book launch and networking drinks


09 Oct 2019







Join us to celebrate the launch of Iain Anderson’s FPRCA new book F**K Business The Business of Brexit on 9th October from 6.30-8.30pm.

Event Type: Member Event

Address: PRCA, London, SE10BE

Event Overview

This is the definitive and shocking story of how and why politics and business have become utterly disconnected in the past decade, culminating in the rancour, mistrust and confusion of Brexit.

Featuring exclusive and candid interviews with those at the heart of No. 10, the Cabinet and Parliament, as well as with the foremost business leaders of this Brexit generation, F**k Business portrays the exhaustion felt by all major companies over politics.

Anderson, Chairman of Cicero, points the way forward for a new relationship and a brighter future:

‘This book is personal catharsis, but it also sets out a way forward. The distance between our business and political leaders has never been greater. For months, I went into Downing Street and spoke to government about the need to create a partnership. To do better. For most businesses right now, we just want to get on with the future. Like voters, business has tired of the politics. Let’s hope it is not permanently tired of our politicians.’