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World PR Report launch (UK Launch)


13 Nov 2019






Event Type: Group Event

Address: Ogilvy, Sea Containers, London, SE1 9RQ

Event Overview

The World PR Report is the definitive study of the global public relations industry, conducted annually by the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO).

This will be first opportunity to get your hands on the copy of the new report and hear an overview of results by ICCO Chief Executive Francis Ingham.

Every year the World PR Report provides agency leaders with vital information on the composition and direction of the public relations industry. The report will provide an analysis of where the global PR and communications industry stands today; how it has been performing over the past year; and what agency bosses predict will happen over the next few years including areas of investment, highest growth sectors, most required skills and most impactful technologies.

The UK launch will include a focus on how the UK compares to other markets around the world.