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PRCA NextGen London Group: Why mental health matters


12 Feb 2020







Please join the PRCA's NextGen London Group event on Wednesday, 12th February, 2020.

Event Type: Group Event

Address: Golin, 2 Waterhouse Square, 140 Holborn, London, EC1N 2AE

Event Overview

Mental health has become an immensely important and discussed topic in our industry. Last year, PRCA and Opinium conducted research about mental health which found that: 

  • 60% of PR and Communications professionals have experienced mental-ill health
  • 31% of PR and Communications professionals find their job very stressful 
  • 89% of PR and Communications professionals have struggled with the mental wellbeing in the past 12 months 

During this NextGen event, we will discuss why mental health has become a hot topic, what needs to be done to lift the pressure from our shoulders, and what the upcoming generation of leaders can do to ensure mental health conditions improve and practitioners achieve a better work-life balance and feel happier. 

The panel will address topics like: 

  • What factors impact our mental wellbeing at work 
  • How to overcome work related stress 
  • What we can do for ourselves and our colleagues 
  • How companies should tackle the pressure 


 Jo Hooper, Founder, Mad and sad club

 Kerry Prager, Senior Production Manager, Golin 

 Rebecca Ball, Associate Director, Edelman


This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.