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PRCA South West Group: PR Strategy Training Workshop


11 Feb 2020







Please join the PRCA South West Group on Tuesday, 11th February, 2020.

Event Type: Group Event

Address: Central Exeter TBC, Exeter

Event Overview

Strategic PR champion, Ellen Carroll, will be sharing her ‘PR that PAYS strategy’ training with you to ensure 2020 is the year you step out of the shadows. 

If you work in PR and communication it can be hard to be strategic when you’re constantly being pulled in lots of different directions and your to-do list is ever-expanding. It can also be difficult to prove the impact of your activity. You don’t have to do it all on your own. This practical session will help you tackle your challenges and give you the tools and confidence to achieve much better results, with a PR that PAYS strategic approach.

Come along to this lunchtime workshop to take action to improve your strategic PR skills. Ellen will share her four-step process to create PR and communication strategies that deliver the best results. You’ll learn how to focus on your Purpose, get tips on creating the right Assets, understand how best to measure your Yield before you Sustain your PR and communication for long-term impact.

Don’t miss out on this practical and interactive workshop to help you get your PR and communication strategy sorted.

This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.