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The journey back to work: how do we integrate back into society post-Covid-19?


14 May 2020







The PRCA North East, North West and Yorkshire regional groups have joined forces to bring you this sensitive event which explores the world post-Covid-19 and how we integrate back into society.

*Please note that this is a virtual event.*

Event Type: Group Event

Event Overview

Our physical and mental health have been impacted significantly as a result of the Covid-19 global health pandemic.

With a mass transition to working from home and the challenges that brings, the effect of the crisis on how we think - as well as how we feel - has been particularly prominent in the workplace.

As restrictions are lifted and people start to get back to some sort of ‘new’ normality, what will the impact be on our mental health?

  • Will we see a rise in anxiety, stress, and panic attacks, alongside other post-Covid-19 phobias?
  • Will we still be able to communicate effectively in social situations?
  • Will there be increased pressure to perform from employers?
  • Are we going to be faced with social anxiety over being in confined spaces?
  • Has a precedent been set for more flexible working? Will employers who’ve been historically reluctant to offer remote working relent, or will they revert to life pre-Covid-19?
  • Will we see more anger and frustration come to the surface over loss of business and change in personal financial situations?
  • Will children and parents face 'attachment disorders' when schools reopen?
  • Will we see a new wave of obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) as more people become paranoid about washing their hands?

This virtual session will be chaired by consultant and trainer Jane Fordham MPRCA, with the following ‘panel’ experts:

  • Stephen Paul: West Yorkshire-based Psychotherapist
  • Emily Brinnand: Manchester-based Wellbeing Coach (Matter of Mind Coaching)
  • Lynsey Walton: North East-based HR Consultant

About the speakers

Jane Fordham MPRCA, Founder - Jane Fordham Consulting. People, Culture, Inclusion

Jane started her own consultancy in 2018 after 15 years at PR agency Golin, leading teams and corporate communications programmes then later leading agency’s talent (HR) and marketing. During her tenure, the agency developed a reputation as a progressive and flexible employer.

Jane was so motivated by her work at Golin that she started her own business.

She now offers consulting, training and development across the people management spectrum including culture, leadership, wellbeing and inclusion.

She has worked with brands including the PRCA, Haymarket Publications, Hanbury Strategy, WE Communications, The Civil Aviation Authority, Live Nation, Ipsos Mori and SGN (Scottish Gas Networks).

Emily Brinnand, Founder - Matter of Mind Coaching 

Emily – a lifestyle and mindset coach - supports and empowers others to make positive changes in their lives. Her coaching focuses on self-inquiry and growth, encouraging client's intentions to be based on self-compassion, self-worth and self-love, rather than expectations or societal pressures. 

As an NLP Practitioner and Coach, Emily uses a combination of techniques from her training and her own practice of mindfulness and meditation, and in all her sessions and workshops she supports, motivates and challenges her clients in a relaxed, calm and non-judgemental way. 

As well as coaching, Emily is a freelance content producer which has led her to support and coach those working in the media and creative industries to reach their full potential, manage stress and enjoy what they do. 

Stephen Paul, Pyschologist
Stephen Paul is a registered psychotherapist with further qualifications in counselling, coaching and supervision. A regular contributor to the media, he is also co-editor and author of a range of books.

He has practised as a therapist for over thirty-five years and is Past Director of the Centre for Psychological Therapies at Leeds Metropolitan University where he has recently retired after 20 years of service. He was also associate director for the Leeds Met Institute for Spirituality, Religions and Public Life.
Stephen – who has tailored in-service training for a number of organisations including MIND, SHIP and Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Centre - led the development of The Centre for Psychological Therapies for over 12 years during which time it became the premier centre for training in counselling and psychotherapy in West Yorkshire. 
He is currently delivering training in coaching to staff at the University of Brighton, as well as working as a senior trainer with Leeds Centre for Psychological Development. 

Lynsey Walton, HR Consultant, Walton HR

Lynsey is a Masters level qualified HR leader and personal growth specialist with over a decade's experience in corporate people and operations management for some of the country’s largest organisations including Sky and EE.

Since going it alone in 2015, Lynsey has delivered her own maverick blend of HR support specialising in start-ups and small businesses and has worked directly with individuals to accelerate their own careers.

This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.