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VIRTUAL EVENT: PRCA Marcomms Group: How do you show your value to the board?


03 Jun 2020







PRCA Marcomms Group

Event Type: Group Event

Event Overview

Fact: COVID19 is placing unprecedented pressure on every organisation. Reality: Marketing is usually one of the first functions to suffer and the last to recover when the shit hits the fan.

So, how do we prove our worth in war time?

There are some metrics of course, in terms of engagement – both internal and external – but how else can we demonstrate our value?

As in peace time, we can demonstrate value through attitude – a desire to make things happen, a capacity to think differently, a capability to deliver a gamechanger in crazy times. We can provide a calmness and calculation of advice, ensuring we don’t panic, create comms for the sake of it and protect our brand. We can be even more responsive, delivering timely value. And we can control spend by delivering innovative ways to get our message across.

There is also a cost to us not being around. The need remains even with no resource, so who does it? Finance? HR? They have enough to do and aren’t comms professionals – especially finance! And when this is all over, what’s the cost of re-recruiting? What’s the cost of the lost IP? So much of our IP comes in our experience.

As sales for most businesses have declined during lockdown, there will be a real pressure on cashflow in the coming months, and the furlough scheme will not last forever. So, how do we show our true value, not just in lockdown, but beyond, when cash will remain king.

In this interactive webinar we will discuss the value we bring and how we best demonstrate it to our boards. The first session will focus on the senior marketing people within organisations and what they need to do, with the second session for less senior people where we will talk about the more practical things you can do to prove your worth.

This event will be virtual. If you have any questions you would like to submit in advance please contact Groups Manager


This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.