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Behavioural Economics – The science behind successful PR


25 May 2021







‘People tend to believe that the ideas which come to mind most readily are the most important… the principal determinant is the extent of media coverage’. So says Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel prize-winner and one of the ‘fathers’ of the new science of Behavioural Economics. We all know that PR works. So do our clients. But exactly how does PR produce its business effects? At last, Behavioural Economics is beginning to provide a scientific explanation. This online seminar describes the discoveries of BE and how we can use them in winning new business and in making our client relationships more profitable and longer-lasting.

Event Type: Webinar

Places available: 50

Places remaining: 45

Trainer: Adrian Wheeler FPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

Delegates will learn about:

  • The insights of BE experts like Kahneman, Cialis, Thaler, Sunstein, Gigerenzer, Ariely.
  • Some basic BE tools and techniques: Prospect Theory, Primary Error, the Endowment Effect, Framing, Availability, the Halo Effect, Anchoring, Choice Architecture.
  • How to apply BE to new business presentations.
  • How to use BE in managing client relationships.
  • How to use BE on behalf of clients in PR programme design.

Delegates will benefit from this webinar by:

  • Gaining a new perspective on how clients choose agencies.
  • Seeing how BE can help us manage relationships with clients and seniors more successfully.
  • Acquiring the basics of some new techniques to use in our PR programme design toolkits.
  • Learning some basic BE insights for use in planning discussions with clients and seniors.
  • Acquiring knowledge to enlarge the scientific basis of public relations and public affairs.

The webinar avoids jargon and uses practical examples from BE research as illustrations.